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NI Colour Series 5, 24/09/2022

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W18 (length: 5km, climb: 220m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
1,102.09 + (76.90 x (4,426.06 - T)) / 1,154.22
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Emily GibbinsAIREF200500:47:061209
2Imogen PietersSYOF200500:53:001185
3Issy SunleyWCOCF200500:54:571177
4Fiona EadesINTF200400:55:001177
5Lyra MedlockWSXF200700:56:24
6Daisy May McNamaraEUOCF200500:58:541162
7Emily ElmsBOKF200501:00:011157
8Cat ChapmanMAROCF200501:04:401138
9Sarah DarleySNF200501:05:251135
10Emily TurnerLOCF200401:14:281099
11Amy Lee-JonesBOKF200501:16:431090
12Phoebe KingRNOCF200401:20:521074
13Carys SharpTVOCF200501:25:001057
14Flora JollyHALOF200601:26:271051
15Leni HagenBOKF200701:32:16
16Ellie Mills-hicksGOF200501:39:251000
17Milly AskhamSMOCF200501:49:02961
18Libby BarberLEIF200401:49:17960
19Elspeth JollyHALOF200501:54:47938
-Iris MacMillanINTF200500:57:54
-Emily ButterSNF200501:33:51
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