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WCH Shoal Hill, YBT Round 1, WM League (moved from 19/03/23), 16/04/2023

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Brown (length: 9.6km, climb: 210m, 19 controls)

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Point calculations
1,205.80 + (79.42 x (4,875.43 - T)) / 762.05
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Krzysztof NowickiWREM198101:02:181324
2Alistair LandelsODM196801:02:221324
3Alistair PowellODM197801:05:171306
4Richard ParkinDVOM196801:06:491296
5John DuckworthDVOM196601:07:021295
6Sam LeadleyODM200001:08:131287
7Martin PigottPOTOCM197501:09:081282
8Chris McCartneyHOCM196901:10:471271
9David AldridgeHOCM197801:12:091263
10Graham PigottPOTOCM198101:12:251261
11Jonathan EmbertonEPOCM196101:15:091244
12Kirsten StrainAROSF198601:15:481240
13Paul AddisonLOCM195701:16:281236
14Jim TruemanMDOCM196401:18:501221
15Thomas LewisWREM198501:24:441184
16Richard PayWREM196301:25:371179
17David LeadleyODM196401:25:421178
18Eleanor BalesEUOCF200001:27:101169
19Anne StraubeODF197501:28:001164
20David DunnPOTOCM197801:28:101163
21James ThomasHOCM198801:29:171156
22Mark RookledgeODM196601:30:461146
23Stuart DuckworthWCHM197601:32:261136
24Simon LanckhamHOCM199101:33:351129
25Julian BassHOCM196401:34:111125
26Mark PearsonWREM196001:39:151093
27Jonathan WhilockPOTOCM196601:41:591076
28Paul GregsonODM197901:51:351016
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