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Fat Rascal Weekend - Sunday Urban, 23/07/2023

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Brown (length: 8.2km, climb: 90m, 37 controls)

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Point calculations
1,155.35 + (118.51 x (3,971.79 - T)) / 764.32
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Laura RobertsonSYOF199300:50:341301
2Alice LeakeAIREF199100:51:031296
3Ian FurlongAIREM198300:54:091267
4David AlcockAIREM197600:55:011259
5Liam CornerMDOCM197000:55:081258
6Emily GibbinsAIREF200500:56:381244
7Jamie RennieWCOCM197000:57:051240
8David JollyRAFOM197400:58:521224
9Chris GibbinsAIREM197001:00:281209
10David BowmanAIREM197301:00:521205
11jo BuckleyAIREF197601:01:101202
12Edward HalliwellDEEM197301:01:181201
13Ben CarterPFOM197701:04:321171
14Alice RigbyCLOKF199701:05:141164
15Emma MasonMDOCF198601:08:241135
16Laura HarrisonEPOCF200101:08:511131
17Daisy RennieWCOCF200601:09:221126
18Caroline YoungAIREF198701:09:241126
19Rebecca GrayAIREF198901:09:541121
20Tony UdrisSYOM196901:11:401104
21Aly BrookPFOF198501:15:031073
22Megan HarrisonEPOCF199901:16:591055
23Ian PuckrinEBORM197201:18:561037
24Catherine BeresfordSYOF199001:30:16931
25Julie LaverockMDOCF196801:47:14774
-Duncan HarrisDEEM196600:54:01
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