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SO - SOG S5 - Great Walstead School, 23/03/2024

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Green (length: 4.1km, climb: 65m, 15 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Lucy CarringtonSOF198600:34:08
2Chris HookerSOM196100:36:03
3Emma ChapmanSOF201100:44:41
4Tim HulleySOM196100:46:51
5Mike TurnerSOM195000:49:06
6Simon BowesSOM196900:49:10
7Alan WilliamsonSOM194900:49:33
8Ian DitchfieldMVM195600:49:35
9Tim SmithSLOWM197900:50:51
10Christine SmithSLOWF198400:52:19
11Rollo MahonSOM197300:52:29
12Andrew PhillipsSOM195800:54:19
13Jasmine BennettSOF195300:55:23
14Roger MaherSOM193800:55:33
15Susan CrickmoreSOF196200:59:07
17Belinda MahonSOF197601:01:24
18Penny MarshSOF196301:04:19
19Julie CollinsDFOKF196001:04:55
20Nick RobertsSOM197001:05:15
21Nick RobertsSOM197001:05:15
22Edward FormanSOM195001:06:58
23Mike RalphSOM195801:07:28
24Douglas DeeksSAXM193801:14:12
25David FunnellSOM196401:14:52
26Andrew WardSOM196101:19:41
27Margaret SawyerSOF196801:19:53
28Samantha GibsonSOF196501:21:44
29John GuthrieSOM196401:21:46
30David WilsonSOM194201:24:38
31Diane GoodwinSWOCF196101:27:27
32Ruth RhodesSOF194201:32:34
33Linda HulleySOF195601:34:57
34James BarnesM200301:44:46
35Stephanie BarnesF200301:45:00
36Sharon BarnesF197901:45:16
-Penny ParkerF196401:06:36
-Gina BucciarelliF200301:44:11
-Marco BucciarelliM200901:44:11
-John BucciarelliM196401:44:12
-Deborah BucciarelliF196901:44:15
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