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YHOA SuperLeague and YHOA Middle Distance Championships, 12/02/2023

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Short Blue (length: 3.4km, climb: 175m, 28 controls)

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Point calculations
1,022.54 + (91.48 x (4,267.04 - T)) / 784.53
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Steve CorriganEBORM195800:54:301139
2Martin GreenMDOCM195400:56:571122
3Emma HarrisonEPOCF197200:57:171119
4Peter JonesAIREM195600:59:411103
5Paul JohnsonSYOM195101:00:021100
6Christopher WrightCLOKM195801:01:161091
7Paul BradburySYOM195701:02:031086
8Peter JonesAIREM195701:03:231077
9Gilbert LeeMDOCM199001:07:051051
10John LebeterCLAROM195501:07:121050
11Bronwen DoyleSYOF196701:07:551045
12Diane JacksWREF196801:08:171042
13Dave BrownHALOM195701:08:391040
14Robyn StanyonSYOF196601:09:331034
15Clive WilsonSYOM195401:10:101029
16Julia SimpsonMDOCF196501:10:261027
17Sophie BrownAIREF197101:11:461018
18Debby WarrenNNF196301:12:041016
19Helen RennieWCOCF197301:13:061009
20Ricardo Telmo Alves FernandesHALOM197301:13:181007
21George RennieWCOCM200801:15:46
22Simon BrookEBORM195601:18:29971
23Lorraine ReuberSYOF196801:23:12938
24Helen MartlandEPOCF196801:24:33929
25Mike WallisPFOM195701:31:35879
26Jeff HarrisEBORM195501:31:50878
27Marion BowmanAIREF196901:45:02785
28Juliet BentleySROCF196701:47:58765
29Vanessa CaudwellSYOF197102:05:51640
-Peter HainesAIREM195400:53:18
-Jemima ParkerCLAROF196800:57:43
-Julian LaileySROCM194601:09:50
-Allen BanisterNNM195601:22:51
-Melvyn PerryEBORM195801:30:46
-Sharon BowesCLAROF196901:34:30
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