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Sprint Scotland (Day 1) - WRE, 02/09/2023

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Course 2 (length: 2.225km, climb: 5m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
1,216.03 + (83.94 x (605.52 - T)) / 78.64
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Cecilie AndersenBOKF199700:08:411306
2Rachel BrownEUOCF200300:08:421305
3Laura KingAIREF199900:08:541292
4Kirstin MaxwellRRF199200:08:561290
5Mairi EadesINTF200100:09:021284
6Pippa CarcasINTF200300:09:041282
7Helen BridleESOCF197900:09:111274
8Niamh HunterEUOCF200000:09:231261
9Cho Yu LamHong KongF200200:09:25
10Jo ShepherdINVOCF199200:09:351249
11Anna MurgatroydINTF199500:09:361248
12Anna Nilsson SimkovicsF200200:09:36
13Laura RobertsonSYOF199300:09:431240
14Serena DoyleUringa Orienteers AuF200200:09:59
15Nea ShinglerBig Foot Orienteers F200600:10:04
16Aoife McCavanaGENF200200:10:05
17Alison CampbellSTAGF199100:10:111210
18Anne EdwardsLOCF198900:10:191202
19Ying Yau ChuHong KongF200200:10:24
20Vilija GvildieneMedeina OKF200200:10:24
21Wing ManF200400:10:26
22Michele DawsonMDOCF199400:10:301190
23Eleanor BalesEUOCF200000:10:311189
24Charoltte BurtonINVOCF200700:10:311189
25Sabine OechsnerESOCF199100:10:371182
26Ka Ki LeungHong KongF200200:10:42
27Kate McLuckieMORF200700:10:571161
28Carolyn HindleFVOF199600:11:271129
29Laura HindleFVOF199800:11:351121
30Daniela Pretelt HarriesSLOWF199400:14:31933
31Agnes HermeszF198300:15:52
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