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Purbeck Weekend - SWOA Middle Distance Championships, 21/10/2023

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Brown (length: 5.075km, 29 controls)

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Point calculations
1,166.71 + (79.96 x (3,701.73 - T)) / 734.67
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Ben ChestersDEVONM197800:38:161320
2Mark StodgellWCHM197200:49:081249
3Lyra MedlockWSXF200700:49:461245
4Nesa SchillerWSXF200700:49:531244
5Freya TrynerSYOF200700:50:351239
6Anthony FlickLOKM197600:51:321233
7Philip HarveyWIMM197200:53:291220
8Paul FoxSNM196200:53:531218
9Alexander LinesWAOCM199500:56:451199
10Jeremy TongeBOKM197000:56:551198
11Brian CoweWAOCM197600:58:131189
12Michelle SpillarWIMF197901:00:521172
13Ed HalseySARUMM197501:01:411167
14Peter SubaWSXM197401:02:091164
15Jeff PakesQOM197201:03:001158
16Mykyta ChubynskyODM197601:10:551106
17Ross MaclaganSNM197401:11:301103
18Christopher AshendenSNM196401:12:481094
19Kerria LinesWAOCF199401:19:021053
20Aimee DarleySNF200301:19:271051
21Martin MillerWSXM197201:23:201025
22Kerstin MitchellHOCF196601:24:091020
-Michael CookeBAOCM197501:03:20
-Mark GoddardQOM197801:13:49
-Doug GreenwoodSOCM197301:35:36
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