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SYO 50th Anniversary Double & YHOA SuperLeague, 26/02/2022

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BUCS Womens A (length: 8km, climb: 320m, 20 controls)

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Point calculations
1,185.98 + (82.63 x (4,778.35 - T)) / 845.24
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Grace MolloyFVOF200000:58:271310
2Fiona BunnEUOCF199900:59:231305
3Cecilie AndersenBOKF199700:59:521302
4Niamh HunterEUOCF200001:01:001295
5Chloe PotterSYOF199801:01:201293
6Laura KingAIREF199901:02:171288
7Helen OckendenDRONGOF199701:04:111277
8Anika Schwarze-ChintapatlaEBORF200101:05:191270
9Rachel BrownEUOCF200301:06:011266
10Eilidh CampbellEUOCF200101:07:301257
11Fay WalshAIREF199701:08:591248
12Lizzie StansfieldEUOCF200201:09:401244
13Tamsin MoranAIREF199401:12:401227
14Mairi EadesINTF200101:15:451209
15Eleanor BalesEUOCF200001:15:471209
16Alice TilleyOUOCF199701:16:281205
17Kezia JukesSLOWF198901:17:011201
18Sarah PedleySOCF200101:17:221199
19Lois ParkerCLAROF200301:20:061183
20Alice WilsonEUOCF200201:20:531179
21Melanie SladeSNF196801:22:581166
22Rebecca AspinSOCF200001:23:461162
23Louise AdamsINTF199801:23:461162
24Elizabeth BedwellNNF199801:24:481156
25Alex ElliotSYOF200301:25:321151
26Bethany KippinTVOCF200001:26:351145
27Lucy NellRAFOF198901:26:351145
28Inka KomonenAberdee000001:30:561120
29Laura HarrisonEPOCF200101:33:251105
30Chloë CracknellMAROCF200101:35:481091
31Aimee DarleySNF200301:38:001078
32Isabelle HodgsonSYOF200201:38:481074
33Sophie JonesUBOCF200201:39:281070
34Isabel HillDEEF200101:41:041060
35Eleanor EllisPFOF200301:45:511032
36Hanna Alma TuriCambrid000001:46:03
37Emma CrickmoreDRONGOF199501:46:381028
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