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Sprint Scotland 2022 Race 1 incorporating SOUL4, 19/03/2022

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Course 2 (length: 2.5km, climb: 75m, 15 controls)

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Point calculations
1,234.82 + (73.03 x (774.26 - T)) / 102.41
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Megan Carter-DaviesSBOCF199600:10:041356
2Alice LeakeAIREF199100:10:421329
3Charlotte WardHALOF199200:10:501323
4Grace MolloyFVOF200000:11:061312
5Cecilie AndersenBOKF199700:11:161305
6Laura KingAIREF199900:11:211301
7Jo ShepherdINVOCF199200:11:441285
8Niamh HunterEUOCF200000:11:501281
9Chloe PotterSYOF199800:11:511280
10Helen BridleESOCF197900:11:541278
11Kirstin MaxwellRRF199200:11:591274
12Fiona BunnEUOCF199900:12:051270
13Laura RobertsonSYOF199300:12:081268
14Eilidh CampbellEUOCF200100:12:211259
15Isobel HowardEUOCF200500:12:531236
16Mairi EadesINTF200100:12:591231
17Anna MoilanenKR-FINF200100:13:07
18Eleanor BalesEUOCF200000:13:101224
19alice kemsleyBASOCF200500:13:331207
20Sabine OechsnerESOCF199100:13:471197
21Alice WilsonEUOCF200200:14:151177
22Alison CampbellSTAGF199100:14:381161
23Iris MacMillanINTF200500:14:391160
24Kay HawkePFOF198300:15:071140
25Laura HindleFVOF199800:15:111137
26Fiona EadesINTF200400:15:141135
27Sigrid Passano HellanEUOCF200100:15:23
28Emma TaylorPFOF198800:15:521108
29Daisy May McNamaraEUOCF200500:16:031100
30Cat ChapmanMAROCF200500:16:081097
31Chloë CracknellMAROCF200100:17:211045
32Bianca Yara BlohbergerAUOCF199900:21:00888
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